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Miners' Union Hall

Alta Mine

Fulton Foundry

Crown Point Mine

Yellowjacket Mine

Justice Mine

Virginia City

Virginia City

V&T Passenger Depot

Gold Hill

International Hotel

American Flat Mill

Crown Point Trestle

Crown Point Trestle

Oest Mine

Cornish Pump

Comstock City

American Flat Mill

Virginia City, 1861

Bird's Eye View of Virginia City

Virginia City Fog

Ore Wagon

Wreck of the Washoe Club

Virginia City Presbyterian Church

Miners Union Hall, Virginia City

Savage Mining Company Office

Yellow Jacket Mine

Donovan Mill

Sutro Wagons

Chollar Mining Co

The Lynch House

King-McBride Mansion

Marye Building

Virginia Evening Chronicle

C&C Hoisting Works

White House Rooms

Virginia City Masonic Hall

Barton Home

Graves Mansion

King Mansion

Knights Templar

Panelli Building

Virginia Garage

Gas Ovens

St. Mary's Hospital

Pioneer Drug Store, Virginia City

Cell Block

Downtown Virginia City

V&T Passenger Depot

Pioneer Drug Store

Old Nevada Brewery

C Street, Virginia City

C Street, Virginia City

Gold Hill Saloon

Miner's Shack

National Guard Parade

Pioneer Livery Museum

Native Woman in Virginia City

Goat Cart

Yellowjacket Mine