Tahoe Tavern Pier

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Date of photo: 1909

Photographer: Harold A. Parker

Source : Facebook: Stephen Gennerich

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The Tahoe Tavern Pier in Tahoe City was the hub of transportation on the lake in the early 20th century. Here a Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Company train sits on the pier while the steamer S.S. Tahoe is tied up alongside it. Several smaller steamers are in the water to the right, including the steamer S.S. Nevada and steamer S.S. Meteor.

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Date Uploaded: January 6, 2017

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Contributor: Stephen Gennerich on Facebook

Source: Facebook: Stephen Gennerich

Source URL: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=930428403696773&set=gm.424929047714871&type=3

Source Caption: This Harold A. Parker photo is a rare grab of a gathering of vessels on the Tavern pier during the summer of 1909. He's taken a picture of someone taking a picture of the vessels. Let's see from left to right is possibly the "Glenbrook" locomotive, the SS Tahoe, the steamer Nevada, the steamer Meteor and gas powered launches Wild Goose and the Annie far right. (SagalT2)

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