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Photographer: Lillian Vernon Farr

Source : Facebook: Carol Van Etten

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The Marian B was the mail boat on Lake Tahoe from 1934 to 1941. This was the last period that mail around the lake was delivered by boat. After 1941 it was delivered by automobile.

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Contributor: Carol Van Etten on Facebook

Source: Facebook: Carol Van Etten

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Source Caption: In 1932, 1933 & 1934 the TAHOE and NEVADA shared the work of carrying the mail and provided passenger service. In 1934, the LTR&TCo lost the mail contract to Captain D.M. Brodehl, who used his gas-powered cruiser MARIAN B (shown below in a photo taken by Lillian Vernon Farr) to deliver the mail year-round. By the time the MARIAN B exploded and sank in May 1941, local roads had improved to the extent that mail service by boat was discontinued and Captain Brodehl delivered the mail by car for the balance of his contract. So to get back to Gary's question, the TAHOE and NEVADA seldom called at Whittell's wharf.

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