Sweetland Building

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Thanks to Fred Nietz


This is the Sweetland Building at the northeast corner of Carson and Proctor streets. On the right side is J. Patrick's Cafe in the old Pine Cone space, but it looks like it's closed and the space is for lease. To the left of that is Nick's Pizza, a downtown favorite for almost 20 years. "Open Now!" says the window, so Nick's might be brand new here. The space to the left of Nick's is also for lease, but it still carries a sign for the Yarn Center. The Cash Mercantile building next door also has a Yarn Center sign, one that looks considerably more homemade. Past that is Foster Realty, and then Hideout Subs 'n Stuff in the Kitzmeyer Furniture Building.

In the background, a scaffolding has been erected around the clock tower of the old Post Office.

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