Sutro Tunnel Stamp Mill

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Nevada State Museum


The Sutro Tunnel Stamp Mill, at the mouth of the Sutro Tunnel in the Dayton Valley. The mill burned in 1967.

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Date Uploaded: June 9, 2024

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Source: Facebook: Nevada Ghost Towns and Historic Sites

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Source Caption: The abandoned Sutro Tunnel Stamp Mill, captured here before its tragic demise of the historic structure by fire in 1967.

The Sutro Tunnel, named after Adolph Sutro, a prominent figure in Nevada's mining industry, was a remarkable engineering feat completed in 1879. It served as a drainage and transportation tunnel for several mines in the Comstock Lode, which was one of the richest silver mining districts in the United States during the 19th century.

While drilling the tunnel the workers would come across a gold vein of ore. A stamp mill was erected in in the 1880s near the tunnel entrance to process the ore from the Comstock. The Mill was powered by the Sutro Tunnel water drainage.

Image courtesy of the Nevada State Museum.

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