Emerald Bay Cabins

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Photographer: C.R. Savage

Source : Facebook: Stephen Gennerich

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At Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe, these cabins used to sit on the shore. William Armstrong operated these cabins from the late 1800s until Vikingsholm Castle was built in 1929.

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Date Uploaded: May 30, 2020

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Contributor: Stephen Gennerich on Facebook

Source: Facebook: Stephen Gennerich

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Source Caption: Continuing with Emerald Bay here is another look at William Henry Armstrong's cabins in the bay. Originally built and owned by Dr. Paul T. Kirby. In 1895 Armstrong purchased the cabins and clubhouse where they would reside during the summers for about 32 years naming the place "Eden in the Sierra". I don't know what became of these buildings yet. We know the Forest Service took over this property so they may have torn them down like did with Emerald Bay Camp and Bayview Resort. (C.R. Savage photos both) (Saga of LT2) (Peter Goin's Emerald Bay)

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