Truckee RiverRising

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Date of photo: Late 1970s

Photographer: Unknown

Source : Facebook: Karl Larson

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Truckee RiverRising was a "hippie commune" on Dickerson Road in west Reno. Today this land is the Oxbow Nature Study Area. This treehouse was one of the residences.

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Date Uploaded: October 3, 2020

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Contributor: Karl Larson on Facebook

Source: Facebook: Karl Larson

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Source Caption: My home in 1978/79. .at what is now the Oxbow Nature Study Area at the end of Dickerson Road in Reno Nevada, but was then a "Hippie Commune" called Truckee RiverRising (one word)

The treehouse. .actually more of a tall stump house. . . was 50 feet from the Truckee River and had seven stained glass windows. .rent was 75 bucks a month, and that included rice, flour, and as many eggs as I could find from the free-roaming chickens . . but the trail to the bathroom a few hundred feet away in the house was pretty treacherous at night. .lol

(thanks to Nona Duli, whose Father was our landlord, for the photo)

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