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The sign for the old Century Theaters movie theater complex in Reno. It was on Virginia Street just south of the Peppermill Casino. In 1966 it was showing Grand Prix starring James Garner, in Cinerama. The sign also advertises the Midway Drive-In which was behind the theater. Across the street to the left is the Sun Cafe. Next door to the right is the Virginia Motel.

The theater closed in the late 1990s as newer cineplexes were built around town, and demolished shortly after.

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Date Uploaded: June 9, 2024

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Contributor: Conrad Stelzner on Facebook

Source: Facebook: Conrad Stelzner

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Source Caption: So. I've been thinking back to 1966, or was it 1967? We were heading out for dinner at Miguel's for Mexican and then off to see James Garner in a new movie called Grand Prix at the Century 21 Theater, when it was just one massive screen and really nice seats to relax in..... I so remember....

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