Aerial View of Carson City

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Date of photo: 1960s

Photographer: Unknown

Source : Facebook: Jed Block

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This postcard looks down at Carson City from on high sometime in the 1960s. Many landmarks are visible in this view, starting front and center with the Capitol's silver dome. Right above that gleams the red brick of the Post Office, now called the Paul Laxalt Building. To the left of that is the empty lot where the Arlington Hotel had.

In the lower left corner is the white paint of the St. Charles Hotel, called the Pony Express Hotel at this point. Surrounding it is a cluster of old buildings, many of which were due to be torn down to make way for the Legislature Building across the street in 1971. In the lower right you can see the Nye Building, which was torn down for the new Supreme Court Building in 1990.

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Date Uploaded: January 1, 2021

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Contributor: Jed Block on Facebook

Source: Facebook: Jed Block

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Source Caption: The Arlington Hotel is Gone

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