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Sweetland Cobbler Shop

John McCrimmon's Blacksmith Shop

Downtown Dayton

Crossing Carson River After Flood

Main Street Genoa

American Flat Mill

Onslow Hotel

Frontier Motel

Carson Sands Motel

Nevada State Capitol Building

Capitol Wedding Chapel

Capitol Wedding Chapel

University of Nevada

Mexican Dam

Nevada California Border

Virginia City

Goodman Home

Carson City News

V&T Water Tower

Buckland Family

Reno Bus Lines

Capitol Annex Dome

Beauty Pageant

Golden Spike

Robert Howland

Train Yards

Fire Station No. 1


First Presbyterian Church

Dredging the River

Nevada State Capitol

Virginia City Students

Carson City Mint

Frank Ludlow

The Gold Coast

Riding Alone

Riding Alone

Stoking the Fire

V&T on the Open Range

V&T at Carson

V&T at the Station

Nora Mullen

Nora Mullen

V&T Engine #26

V&T Engine #27

U.S. Mail Railway Post Office

V&T at Carson

V&T Coach #23

V&T Coach #18

Downtown Gardnerville

Downtown Gardnerville

Virginia City Station

Dat So La Lee's Handprint

Burnice D. Rhodes

The Glenbrook

Carson High Football Team

Clear Creek Road

Rabbit Hunters

Pump at Union Mine

Six Mile Canyon