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Mint Refinery

Mint Scales

Fire Wagon

Governor's Mansion

Carson City Armory

Carson City Armory

Rinckel Mansion

Empire Flood

Empire Flood

Hoover Hotel

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Funeral Procession

"Old Baldy's" House

Folsom Family

Southworth Home

Judge Clark Guild

Joseph Platt

Globe Saloon

Anderson Home Ranch

Dat So La Lee

Simeon Lemuel Lee

Orion Clemens

James W. Nye

Carson Nugget

Senator Cafe

Ship Bar

Carson City's White House Hotel

Carson Garage

Carson Bakery

Gray Reid Wright

St. Charles Hotel Bar

Temple Bar

Temple Bar

Fischer and Decker's Saloon

Park Theater

Joseph Platt Dry Goods

Stewart Blacksmith Shop

Stewart Indian School

Empire School

Hay Wagon

Sheep Farm

Carson City Brick Yard

Ophir Dam

Wood Drive

The Vivian Mill

Carson City Lumberyard

Spooner Summit

Spooner Summit

Pack Mules

Brunswick Mill

Virginia and Truckee #25

Virginia and Truckee #25

Train Arriving

Virginia and Truckee #27


V&T Motorcar #99

First Flight

Tahoe Highway

V&T Shop Crew

V&T #4, The Virginia